Kirsta Stapelfeldt

Kirsta Stapelfeldt, (MA, MLIS) is the Repository Manager at the University of Prince Edward Island and manager of UPEI's Islandora project. Through the Robertson Library's Virtual Research Environment Service (VRE service), librarians and developers at UPEI are supporting over 140 repository projects. UPEI's repositories and research environments are developed using the highly-flexible Islandora open-source software stack. Islandora empowers researchers to collaborate with off-site colleagues, store and manipulate data sets, and publish research findings, and is used to house UPEI's local digitization projects. Islandora and the VRE service were founded by University Librarian Mark Leggott, and have inspired innovation in funding and management, transforming the role of librarians and the library at UPEI. Kirsta is a graduate of Dalhousie's MLIS program, with a background in project management, online information literacy, knowledge translation, communication, and university teaching.