Myron Gutmann

Myron Gutmann is the Assistant Director for the National Science Foundation (NSF) as well as the Head of Directorate for the Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences at the NSF. He was among the first of the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program partners, and played a key role in shaping the Library of Congress partnership network. His project has been highly successful in demonstrating the practical utility of a distributed preservation network, as well as in bringing at-risk data under stewardship. As a result of his fine work, the Library named Gutmann a Digital Preservation Pioneer. Receiving his Doctorate from Princeton University in the 70s, Gutmann has taught at the University of Michigan and the University of Texas at Austin. He has published several books and dozens of articles reflecting his broad range of interests in interdisciplinary historical population studies and more.


Photo of Myron Gutmann


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