Stephen Griffin

Stephen M. Griffin joined the faculty of the University of Pittsburgh School of Information Sciences in January 2012 as Visiting Professor in Cyberscholarship.  He comes to the School of Information Sciences after a 32-year career at the National Science Foundation (NSF) in Washington, DC.  During that time he served as a Program Director in the Division of Information and Intelligent Systems (IIS) for the period 1994-2011.  Prior to that period, he was engaged in program planning, development and evaluation for the Division of Advanced Scientific Computing and the Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE).  Mr. Griffin managed a variety of influential research and infrastructure development programs related to the creation and integration of digital resources into research and scholarly activities.  These programs included the Interagency Digital Libraries Initiatives and International Digital Libraries Collaborative Research Programs.  He currently serves on numerous domestic and international advisory committees related to digital libraries research and advanced computing and networking infrastructure.  In 2004-2005 and again in 2010-2011 he was on special assignment to the Library of Congress, Office of Strategic Initiatives, to assist with planning the National Digital Information and Infrastructure Preservation Program and to serve as a senior advisor for repository and digital content development.  His research interests include interdisciplinary scholarly communication, cultural heritage informatics and data-intensive scholarship.


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Funding and Supporting Data Intensive Research

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