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UNT Open Access Symposium 2015


The 2015 symposium will examine aspects of how the law relates to the open access movement, including copyright law, privacy law, access to government information, and access to and use of legal literature online. Copyright and privacy law are continually evolving with new developments in technology and society, and there are efforts both at universities and in private organizations to develop not only collections of resources but also tools to discover and use them. This symposium will bring together librarians, scholars, and anyone interested in improving the public’s access to legal and government information.

Broad issues of ensuring public access to legal, government, and other varieties of public sphere information will be explored in the 2015 symposium.  Presentations will include topics in IR deposit of public and legal information, web harvesting and preservation of the government web domain, the Uniform Electronic Legal Materials Act, and federal mandates for preserving research data.  This symposium typically brings together researchers, librarians, administrators, and other OA stakeholders with an interest in engaging with the broad topic of Open Access.

There will be an opening reception from 5 to 7 p.m. on Monday, May 18, in the Law Library, and the symposium presentations taking place on Tuesday, May 19, on the fourth floor of the same building.

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News and Announcements

Earlier this month, US Senator John Coryn of Texas thanked UNT for hosting its sixth annual UNT Open Access Symposium. His video message has been archived in the UNT Digital Library.

Attendees driving to the symposium should park in the Elm Street Garage. It is located at 2000 Elm Street, with 4 entrances (on Elm Street, Main Street, Harwood Street, and Pearl Street). Parking tickets will be validated at the event.

James M. Donovan, Carol A. Watson, and Caroline Osborne, speakers during the upcoming Open Access Symposium 2015, were recently awarded this year's ALL-SIS Outstanding Article Award for their article "The Open Access Advantage for American Law Reviews."


Monday, May 18, 2015 to Tuesday, May 19, 2015