UNT has taken an active role in promoting Open Access initiatives. This page provides information about services provided by the UNT Libraries, publishers providing discounts on publishing fees for UNT authors, and resources beyond UNT related to finding Open Access resources and understanding the Open Access movement.

UNT Libraries Services

Open Access Glossary

The open access (OA) movement is part of the broader "open knowledge" or "open content" movement that covers open source software, open data from government or researchers, and open access scholarship. This guide includes some terms that relate to open access scholarship in particular.

UNT Scholarly Works

UNT Scholarly Works serves as the University of North Texas institutional repository, bringing together the research and scholarship of our university community.

UNT Data Repository

The UNT Data Repository is a central archive to provide long-term preservation and access to the research data of the UNT scholarly community.

Copyright Advisory Services

Copyright Advisory Services provides assistance with copyright, author rights, licensing, and other intellectual property issues.

Open Access Lib Guide Logo

Open Access Guide

This guide provides resources and information about the international Open Access movement and emerging trends in scholarly communication.

Scholarly Open Access E-Journal Support

The Scholarly Open Access E-Journal Support service provides hosting and consultation support to the UNT departments and faculty who are interested in producing their own online open access scholarly journal.

UNT Scholarly Publishing Services Icon

Scholarly Publishing Services

Scholarly Publishing Services helps members of the UNT community disseminate the results of their research. Works published under the Eagle Editions imprint are free to read online and in many cases available to purchase in print and as an e-book. Furthermore, the Editors’ Roundtable supports members of the UNT community in their publishing endeavors. Individual consultations about publishing projects are also available.

Publishers Offering Discounts to UNT Authors

BioMed Central

BioMed Central is a leading publisher of numerous open-access journals in science, technology, and medicine. UNT is a Supporter Member of BioMed Central, which entitles UNT researchers to a 15% discount on article-processing charges.


Luminos is the open-access publishing program for monographs from the University of California Press. UNT is a Helvetica Member of Luminos, which entitles UNT researchers to a 20% discount on the title publication fee.


MDPI publishes 10 peer-reviewed journals in a variety of disciplines. UNT researchers receive a 10% discount on author processing charges.

Open Book Publishers

Open Book Publishers is run by scholars committed to making high-quality research available to readers around the world. UNT is member, which entitles UNT researchers to free ebook downloads and discounted prices on print editions of books from Open Book Publishers.


Springer publishes over 195 fully open-access journals under the SpringerOpen brand. UNT is a Supporter Member of SpringerOpen, which entitles UNT researchers to a 15% discount on article-processing charges for these journals.  Note that this discount does not apply to the optional author fee for Springer’s subscription-based journals under the Open Choice program.

National and International Initiatives


Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

DOAJ is an online directory of high-quality, peer-reviewed journals published in open access.


Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB)

DOAB is an online directory of high-quality, peer-reviewed books published in open access.

re3data icon

Registry of Research Data Repositories is a global directory of discipline-specific data repositories.

Open Access Button Icon

Open Access Button

The Open Access Button is a browser bookmarklet that allows you to register instances of hitting a paywall and provides options to try to locate an open access version of the article or contact the author.

Open Data Button Icon

Open Data Button

The Open Data Button is a browser bookmarklet that allows you to register instances of not having access to research data and provides options to request access to the data.

Coalition of Open Access Policy Institutions (COAPI)

COAPI brings together representatives from North American universities with established faculty open access policies and those in the process of developing such policies. It was formed to share information and experiences and to illuminate opportunities for moving faculty-led open access forward at member institutions and advocating for open access nationally and internationally.

Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC)

SPARC is an international alliance of academic and research libraries working to create a more open system of scholarly communication.

Budapest Open Access Initiative

The Budapest Open Access Initiative is the first major international statement of principles for open access.

International Open Access Week

International Open Access Week "is an opportunity for the academic and research community to continue to learn about the potential benefits of Open Access, to share what they’ve learned with colleagues, and to help inspire wider participation in helping to make Open Access a new norm in scholarship and research."

Knowledge Unlatched

KU is committed to changing the system for publishing scholarly books by creating a sustainable route to open access and securing long-term cost savings for institutions. Libraries around the world collaborate to pay a "title fee" to publishers, who then make the book freely available. The UNT Libraries have pledged support for the Round 2 collection of 78 new humanities and social-science titles.

Open Library of Humanities

OLH publishes open access scholarship with no author-facing processing charges. It is funded by an international consortium of libraries including the UNT Libraries.

Independent Voices: An Open Access Collection of Alternative Press

Independent Voices is a collection of material produced by Reveal Digital. The collection is initially available only to supporting libraries (including the UNT Libraries) but will be made available through open access in 2019.


The Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics (SCOAP3) has "flipped" key journals in the discipline of high-energy physics to open access by allowing over 3,000 libraries, funding agencies, and research centers to divert the money they would pay for article-processing charges (APCs) and subscriptions to instead support publishing these journals in open access. UNT is a partner in this consortium.

Open Access Policies


This website provides a searchable database with summaries of research funders' policies on open access to the products of their funding.


This website provides a searchable database, searchable by publisher name or journal title, of policies on authors distributing copies of their works.