Open Pedagogy and Open Texts

About This Session

This session will look at some of the ways open pedagogy and open texts have been employed in the classroom and across the curriculum. Rebecca Frost Davis will discuss tools and strategies for open pedagogy, as well as some of its implications for how we teach. Ed Nagelhout and Philip Rusche will answer the question, "When is a textbook not a textbook?, by sharing details of their community authored open humanities textbook project. 


John Edward Martin

  • Director of Scholarly Communication

John Edward Martin (UNT) is the Director of Scholarly Communication at the UNT Libraries in Denton, TX. He administers the Libraries open publishing platforms, OER and open textbook grant programs and project support, their scholarly impact and data management planning services, and general scholarly communication outreach and educational programming.

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Rebecca Frost Davis

  • Associate Vice President for Digital Learning, St. Edwards University
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Ed Nagelhout

  • Professor of Writing and Rhetoric, Assistant Department Chair, Director of Undergraduate Studies, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Ed Nagelhout is a Professor of Writing and Rhetoric at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where he is the Assistant Chair and Director of Undergraduate Studies in the English Department.

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Philip Rusche

  • Associate Professor of English, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
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