Alternative Events Call for Proposals

Proposal Submission Deadline Extended: Friday, April 18, 2014!

We seek submissions of Alternative Events to supplement the Symposium programs and provide additional opportunities for attendees to network and participate. Alternative events can include panels, fishbowl sessions, birds-of-a-feather or affinity group sessions, wildcard sessions, demos/exhibitions, or hands-on workshops.

Proposals should not exceed 1000 words in length, and should follow the format described below. Alternative events will be reviewed by the Open Access Symposium Program Committee for appropriateness to the conference theme and evidence of inclusivity of participation.

Please use the structure described below (Required Submission Information) to organize and prepare your proposal. Submit your proposal in PDF format to The goals of this conference are to bring a broad community of users together to share their work and explore the value and impact of open access on education and research.

Required Submission Information:

  • Title: Event title
  • Organizer(s): Names and affiliations of the organizers
  • Abstract: Include a description of the proposal 150-250 words. In your abstract, address each of the following:
  • Purpose and Intended Audience: Please state the audience to which your proposal is designed to appeal and the goals and/or expected outcomes for your presentation.
  • Proposed Activities including agenda, ramp-up (development), and follow-through: Describe how your presentation will be organized. The format is up to you: we welcome creative and innovative ideas for presentations of all kinds.
  • Relevance to the Conference/Significance to the Field:  Provide a brief explanation of how this presentation will appeal to the audience both with respect to content and format.
  • Length: Indicate the length of your presentation (sessions are typically 75 minutes in length, but other setups are possible).
  • Special requests/equipment needs:  If there are any special equipment needs, room set-up requirements, list them here. Alternative events requiring informal, flexible spaces will be accommodated.

For questions or more information, contact us: