Though the UNT Open Access Symposium 2018 is being held in conjunction with JCDL 2018, with a shared keynote, the two events require separate registration.  Those registered for either event may attend the shared keynote presentation on June 6.

Registration for the UNT Open Access Symposium 2018 includes refreshments and lunch.  See below for how to register:

Category How to register
Students Free registration. Contact by May 30.
Employees of UNT Libraries (Denton) Free registration. Contact by May 30.
Other attendees

Register online. If you are not affiliated with the UNT Health Science Center, you will need to create an INCEDO account.

  • Early registration (by April 30 May 15): $90
  • Regular registration (by May 30): $105


Note that program for JCDL 2018 includes a number of workshops, which are mini-conferences held before or after the main events of JCDL 2018. Attendees of the Open Access Symposium 2018 not planning to attend all of JCDL 2018 might be interested in participating in one of JCDL's full-day workshops taking place on June 6. You can register to attend one of the workshops scheduled for June 6 through the JCDL 2018 registration page.